ANPA in conversation: December 1992

Dear Friends of ANPA,
In 1992 a recording was made of Conversations between Clive Kilmister, Ted Bastin and David McGoveran. The topics discussed included the Combinatorial Hierarchy, a focus of ANPA.
This recording will be part of the ANPA legacy along with many other works by the founders and members of ANPA over the years.
It has been redone and packaged in a more modern style and is presented to you as a souvenir of ANPA and to thank you for your contributions.
Mike Horner and David McGoveran
December 2016

ANPA In conversation
December 1992. Cambridge England
Produced by John Fawn and Mike Horner

  • 1. The Combinatorial Hierarchy
    • The Inspiration of Eddington
    • The Hierarchy Construction
    • Applications and Limitations of the Hierarchy
  • 2. An approach to calculating the Fine Structure constant
    • The Fine Structure Constant
    • Justifying the constants
    • Clive Kilmister’s calculation
    • Criticism and discussion
    • The David McGoveran Approach
  • 3. Ordering Operator Calculus
    • A little history
    • Ordering
    • Ordering Operators
    • Ordering Operator Calculus and the Combinatonial hierarch
  • 4. Space and Time and the Macroscopic World
    • Dimensions and Coordinates
    • Discussion Dimensions
    • Discrete Space