Vrba: Electric current is not what we think.

Electric current is not what we think.

ABSTRACT: Physics describes the electric current as a flow of charge, in electric circuits electrons carry this charge. However, a simple thought experiment excludes electrons as charge carries. A new particle is required to model the electromagnetic phenomenon. Einstein predicted the photoelectric effect and Millikan’s research confirmed it; re-interpreting Millikan’s results gives support to such a new particle, and simultaneously introduce a new concept into quantum mechanics of borrowing and banking energy. This would enable quantum reactions to take place even when the required quanta is not fulfilled or exceeded.


July 16, 2016:  Work in Progress: The Electric Phenomena Requires a New Particle; Electric Energy Extends Quantum Mechanics.


Slide Presentation Vigier 10, July 2016



JJ Thomson’s cathode ray tube, from his 1897 paper describing the discovery of the electron.



Early cathode ray tube (1935) image http://www.crtsite.com/

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