ANPA 39 – Speakers and Abstracts

Richard L. Amoroso

Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
A Strategic Assault on the Dimensional Barrier

Abstract: Amoroso ANPA18 Topology

Michael Horner

Modelling and Simulating Sustainability

Abstract: TBA

Louis H Kauffman


From Discrete Physics to General Relativity

Abstract: This talk will begin with the story of how discrete observation leads to derivatives that are represented by commutators.We then examine the relationship of the calculus of commutators for derivatives (non-commutative worlds) and its relationships with the familiar world of classical mechanics. We show how a first constraint relating smooth calculus and discrete calculus is satisfied by a quadratic Hamiltonian.We then discuss relations with gauge  theory and electromagnetism. The talk finishes with a discussion of the second order constraint and how it leads to a new approach to general relativity and cosmology in the work of Kilmister, Deakin and Kauffman.

Louis H Kauffman


 Topological Quantum Computing and Majorana Fermions

Abstract: We will discuss how braiding and unitary transformations are related to anyons as in the quantum Hall effect and to Majorana Fermions in the structure of the electron in nano-wires. The mathematics here is particularly enlightening in its relationships with Laws of Form and the inception of imaginary states.

 Roger Anderton


Milankovitch cycles and Climate change

Abstract: Multin Milankovitch (28 May 1879 – 12 December 1958) worked out that the Earth goes through natural periods of climate change from ice ages to hot periods. The presentation considers anthropogenic climate change versus natural climate change. Although there is anomalous temperature increase at the moment that seems only accountable as being man-made, the sun is a much more significant effect on climate and in the long term we are due an ice age.