Provisional ANPA 2017 Speakers and Attendees

In no particular order, dashes —— are for no presentation and “???” unsure of attendance.

1.1 Louis Kauffman Iterant Algebra
1.2 Louis Kauffman
Categories, Processes, Cohomology and Topology
2 Peter Rowlands TBA
3 Mark Johnson Charles Peirce and Quaternions
4 Richard Amoroso Key to Everything: 4-Level Conformal Scale-Invariant Complex
Riemann N-Sphere Least Cosmological Unit Manifold
5 Garnet Ord TBA
6 Geofrey Constable TBA
7 Nicola Graves-Gregory
The beauty of mathematics and the mathematics of beauty
8 Barbara Gabrys The Limits of Knowledge
9 Grenville Croll Order and Disorder in the Torah
10 Dino Buzzetti Theory of Types vs. Imaginary Values: Medieval authors and George Spencer-Brown compared
11.1 Nina Sotina The causal interpretation of quantum mechanics
11.2 Nina Sotina Problems of the theory of self-organization in animate matter
12 Nadia Lvov & Nina Sotina Coherence domains in water. Change of water properties in living organisms
13 Roger Anderton TBA
14 Nick Rossiter Music as a Composition of Cartesian Monad over a Topos
15 Herb Doughty AlphaGo and Friends
16 Hafida Doughty  — —
17 Anton Vrba  TBA or — —
18 Ron Weeden — —
19 Sydney Rowlands — —
20 Diane Slaveriero — — ???
21 Nick Greaves &
Stephen Fry
A Mathematics of Similarity?
 22 Anthony Blake ???
23 Anthony Booth
The Photon is a Problem.
24 Leon Conrad  ???


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