Final ANPA38 Timetable 7th to 11th August 2016

 StartEnd SpeakerTitle
MONDAY 7th August
13:00 14:15ARRIVE, hug and say hello
14:15 14:30Peter RowlandsWelcome
14:30 15:30Herbert DoughtyAlphaGo and friends
15:30 16:00TEA BREAK
16:00 18:00Lou KauffmanIterant Algebra
1. Introduction to Iterant algebra - applications to Schrodinger Equation and Nilpotent Dirac Equation.
2. Majorana Fermions and Braiding.
3. Sundance Bilson Thomposn, braiding and Standard Model.
18:00 20:00SUPPER
20:00 22:00FREE, chat with friends etc
TUESDAY 8th August
09:30 10:10Nina SotinaThe causal interpretation of quantum mechanics
10:10 10:50Nadia Lvov & Nina SotinaCoherence domains in water. Change of water properties in living organisms
10:50 11:20TEA BREAK
11:20 12:00Nina SotinaProblems of the theory of self-organization in animate matter
12:00 13:00Barbara GabrysNeuroscience, Zen practice and philosophy
13:00 14:30LUNCH
14:30 15:30Dino BuzettiTheory of Types vs. Imaginary Values: Medieval authors and George Spencer-Brown compared
15:30 16:00TEA BREAK
16:00 17:00Mark JohnsonCharles Peirce and Quaternions.
17:00 18:00Peter RowlandsTBA
18:00 20:00SUPPER
20:00 22:00EVENING SESSION: "Gerald Pollock’s EZ water; a 30 minute video presentation followed by a brainstorming session" chaired Anton Vrba
WEDNESDAY 9th August
09:30 16:00DAY OUTING to Winchester includes a guided tour visiting the Cathedral and the Great Hall. Coach leaves 9:30AM from Travelodge car park and leaves Winchester at 3:00PM. Cost £25.-- per person.
19:00lateANPA banquet – pub dinner (7:00 for 7:30 PM)
THURSDAY 10th August
09:30 10:30Garnet OrdThe One, the Many, and the Quantum Algorithm
10:30 11:00TEA BREAK
11:00 12:00Grenville CrollOrder and Disorder in the Torah
12:00 13:00Lou KauffmanCategories, Processes, Cohomology and Topology
13:00 14:30LUNCH
14:30 15:30Nicola Graves-GregoryThe beauty of mathematics and the mathematics of beauty
15:30 16:00TEA BREAK
16:00 17:00Nick RossiterMusic as a Composition of Cartesian Monad over a Topos
17:00 18:00Stephen FryA Mathematics of Similarity?
18:00 20:00SUPPER
20:00 22:00EVENING SESSION: “Mathematical Movement” chaired by Lou Kauffman and Nicola Graves-Gregary
FRIDAY 11th August
09:30 10:10Roger AndertonTBA
10:10 10:50Anthony BoothThe Photon is a Problem.
10:50 11:20TEA BREAK
11:20 12:00Anton VrbaRethinking the Electric Phenomenon
12:00 13:00Richard AmorosoKey to Everything: 4-Level Conformal Scale-Invariant Complex Riemann N-Sphere Least Cosmological Unit Manifold
13:00 14:30LUNCH
14:30 16:00ANPA Annual General Meeting, Election of Officers
15:30 16:00TEA & fond farewells

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