AGM 2017: Minutes of Meeting

Present: Richard Amoroso, Roger Anderton, Anthony Booth, Dino Buzzetti, Geoffrey Constable, Herbert Doughty, Nicola Graves-Gregory, Lou Kauffman, Garnet Ord, Peter and Sidney Rowlands, Anton Vrba, Ron Weeden.

Acceptance of Previous Minutes: No minutes for the 2016 meeting were presented.

Chairman’s Report:
Congratulations to the organisers of the successful 2017 conference and commendations to the quality of all the presentations. ANPA welcomes three new members: Nina Sotina and daughter Nadia Lvov introduced by Anton Vrba, and Mark Johnson introduced by Peter Rowlands. All indications are there that ANPA will grow in the future.

Treasure’s Report:
Opening Balance: £1180
Income: £1695
Expenses: £860
Closing Balance: £2015.

Anton Vrba reported that the scanned past proceedings are on the ANPA website. To access these one must sign into the site and access is restricted to ANPA members only. Each volume is one PDF file. The next step is to dissect the files into individual articles to make browsing and searching easier. This is huge work and intends to subcontract this to India. Once each contribution is separated the process to allocate DOI numbers can be be considered.

Mike Horner posted Ron Weeden electronic copies of conversations between Clive Kilmister, Ted Bastin and David McGoveran. These will soon be available online on the ANPA website.

The topic of growing membership was discussed at length, no consensus was reached.

For the future conferences key take-away points are: (i) Reducing the one hour time slot was not thought a good idea, but presenters must allow ample time (10 to 20 minutes) for discussion after the presentation within the allocated time slot. (ii)Freedom of discussion and topic choice must be preserved, however possible academic repercussions must also be avoided. (iii) Also the use of regular video conference calls should be investigated.

Next ANPA conference: August 13 to 17, 2018
Anton will investigate the possibility of a conference venue on the Isle of Wight and report back, but for now remains Rowlands Castle.

Election of Officers:
Chairman: Peter Rowlands
Treasurer: Anton Vrba
Secretary: Mark Johnson
Conference Co-organiser: Nicola Graves-Gregory

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