Provisional ANPA 2016 Speakers and Attendees

In no particular order and ?titles? are place holders, dashes,  i.e. —–, is for no presentation.

1 Louis Kaufmann From the form of distinction to Clifford Algebras and Majorana Fermions.
  Louis Kaufmann From Majorana Fermions to Braiding and Topology of Unitary Transformations.
2 Peter Rowlands ?Something more on Octonions?
3 Richard Amoroso Why the Current SETI Protocol Will Fail
4 Anton Vrba Electrons and Electric Current
5 Geofrey Constable Gravity Waves and Quantum Jelly
6 Emma Sweatland  —–
7 Nicky Graves-Gregory ‘The mathematics of becoming
8 Leon Conrad On the application of the Calculus of Indications outlined in George Spencer-Brown’s Laws of Form to the notation and validation of classical syllogistic logic
9 Nick Greaves &
Stephen Fry
On the concept that repetition of pattern or event might be its own transmitter?
10 Grenville Croll The BiEntropy of Some Knots on the Simple Cubic Lattice
11 Dino Buzzetti
Parker-Rhodes’ Inferential Semantics in historical and theoretical perspective.
12 Roger Anderton From Boscovich’s theory to modern quantum theory: Prof Dragoslav Stoiljkovic
13 Ron Weeden —–
14 Nick Rossiter Monadic Design for Universal Systems
??  Anthony Blake  ???
 ?? Garnet Ord  
?? Anthony Booth  


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